About Rocky Mountain QR Codes

Hello, and thank you for checking out our Online QR Code Generator. Firstly, my name is Rocky Mountain Dan... actually that's not true. I don't know why I made that up. No one calls me Rocky Mountain Dan, and very few people call me Dan to begin with. But that's not why you're here, you're here to learn more about our Mobile QR Code Generator!

If you've checked out our Terms & Conditions, via the link in the footer, you will have read that this site is a hobby project. To clarify, I love to play around and learn more about online coding and development. However, I primarily work with WordPress websites, which Rocky Mountain QR Codes is not. For those who do not know, WordPress is a content managements system (CMS), and this site is not that.

This means that I bought the domain for the website, I set up domain hosting, I installed some code, and tinkered around with the PHP, CSS, and HTML files to put together something to share with others. And the thing I wanted to share with others is QR Code generation. I absolutely love how versatile QR Codes can be, and their positive impact they have on the environment.

That being said, as a professional graphic artist, business owner, and someone that has worked on a plethora of print projects (business cards, brochures, banners, and more); QR Codes can lower the cost of several business expenses, from stationary supplies to marketing campaigns. Therefore, I wanted to share something that freelancers and small business owners could access in order to help in this area of their entrepreneurial endeavors. Or if you just need to print a QR Code to help people locate your garage/yard sale, you can do that to.

To reiterate some of our Terms & Conditions, Rocky Mountain QR Codes is an online home for you to come and visit and generate your own free QR Codes. This site does not exist to collect or store your data, and being a free online resource, Rocky Mountain QR Codes does not offer any assitance in the creation of your personal QR Codes.

Rocky Mountain Dan does use this site quite often, so it should always be working. Also, you will find more indepth guidance of how to use this QR Code Generator via Rocky Mountain QR Codes' social channels. And be sure to show your support by giving us a follow.

If you're looking for additional QR Code resources, such as the difference between static and dynamic QR Codes, as well as QR Code ideas; please visit The WordByrd Network to learn more. The WordByrd Network Inc. is in support of Rocky Mountain QR Codes, and where you will find Rocky Mountain Dan providing his web design, graphic design, and QR Code expertise to use. As always, should you have any questions about this QR Code Generator, please email admin@rockymountainqrcodes.com.